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What Kelis Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked singer-songwriter, chef, and Bounty & Full founder Kelis — who recently partnered with Lactaid — about the essentials for living and working on her farm, the spicy snacks she keeps in her purse, and the sneakers she performs in.

This is a good everyday lip gloss. It’s nude without being nude; it’s light and sheer with a little shimmer to it. It makes me feel pretty and sparkly without being too much.

For my company, Bounty & Full, I grow all of my herbs and roots and stuff to manufacture all of my skin-care products and seasonings. I think about 60 percent of the products come from my farm — everything from peppers and tomatoes to Ashwagandha and fruit. The full gamut. And I can’t live without a tractor on the farm. It makes really long and arduous tasks, like plowing, planting, fertilizing, and moving large barrels of hay or dirt, into very easy jobs.

And you know what? You need a fanny pack on the farm too. If not, I’d leave my Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss all over the place. It actually happens if I don’t have this. I keep that, a knife (I always have a blade for cutting herbs, fruit, hay, and other stuff), a notepad, and my phone in my fanny pack. If not, it’s a real pain getting to one side of the farm, realizing you forgot something, and having to go all the way back.

I’m a real movie buff. We live in the country, so after a long day and a hot bath, it’s great to sit down and watch something good. We don’t have cable anymore, just Apple TV because they have lots of options. It’s the way to go. I think the last thing I watched was Platonic, which was really cute.

This is a good kitchen hack. Every kitchen should have one. It takes things that Grandma used to make for nine hours and it cuts it to like an hour or two, like oxtail or pretty much braised anything. Or if there’s something that would usually be a whole-day project, I can throw it in the morning, put a timer on it, and by dinnertime it’s ready. It’s dope.

I’ve always been a sneaker girl. I used to have every Jordan ever, because I used to perform in them, and still do. I made the biggest mistake of my life about eight years ago when I had the bright idea that I needed more closet space. I sold at least 200 pairs for like five bucks each on my lawn. Now I’m kicking myself because I want them all back. I still have quite a few. The ones on heavy rotation right now are a blue-and-yellow pair I just got. They’re adorable. Also a black-and-pink pair and a reflective pair.

From $25

On the farm, I live in Crocs. At this point it’s become Jordans onstage, Crocs on the farm. I’ve got winter Crocs, rainbow Crocs, tie-dye Crocs, I have them all. My kids wear them, too. We’re a Crocs family to the point where I’m like, we have farm-Crocs and leaving-the-farm Crocs. They’re not the same.

Blue Diamond Almonds Sweet Thai Chili
$18 for 12
$18 for 12

This is a good snack. I love anything spicy, and this is one snack I can bring with me. I try to have them stocked, but they go fast. I always try to have some seasoned nuts in my purse.

I’ve been wearing this designer’s hoops for a while. I buy every iteration they come in. I love these because they’re big, bold, and just look good with everything. I get tons of compliments on them, too.

I love making chocolate milkshakes with this and Lactaid whole milk. I’ve got three kids, and they are self-proclaimed food critics. We’ve got cows on the farm; we love milk and eat real dairy all the time. So I was nervous about what my kids were going to say about the ice cream, honestly, but they love it and can’t tell the difference between this and ice cream with lactose. This is creamy, real dairy. There’s no real good substitute for that. It’s delicious, easy, and doesn’t cause all the bloating that comes with lactose. And who doesn’t love a chocolate milkshake?

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What Kelis Can’t Live Without