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What Becky G Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked singer, actress, and Treslúce Beauty founder Becky G — who recently partnered with Patrón — about the heavy-duty resistance bands she tours with, cleansing spray she uses to reset her space, and box T-shirts she has on constant rotation.

I am a coffee fanatic. I have an espresso machine at home, but I make a French press of my Peet’s dark roast ground coffee. I love black coffee, and I’m very picky about it. This is so consistent and has a well-rounded flavor. It’s got a little bit of chocolate notes to it, and it’s so yummy.

To be honest, I wasn’t really a big reader up until, I’d say, this year. I was like, I’m going to start making more of an effort to read. This book is so good because it talks about the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of living a purposeful life. I think that gets lost in today’s society, where there are all these pressures to go, go, go, go. This talks about how rest and recovery and prioritizing your mental health is success.

I am a big journal person. I actually have two — a therapy journal and gratitude journal. Before my therapy session, I journal about my week leading up to it so I can remember what’s happened. There’s so much to catch up on, so this is almost personal homework for me to take inventory. My gratitude journal is where I write only positive things, even about obstacles I’m confronting and how I’m grateful for them. It’s more so about rewiring the brain to look at negative things as positives. I also write about my dreams and goals there. I love these specific ones because the brand’s constantly releasing designs with Chicana-style quotes. They’re really empowering.

I am a proud L.A. native. I will wear this literally everywhere, every day. I have it in every color, but obviously the traditional classic Dodger blue is iconic. When I’m roaming around L.A. or going through the airport, I just throw on my fitted cap and I’m out the door.

Ghetto Rodeo’s stuff is made and sourced here in L.A., which is supercool. I like finding streetwear Chicano- and Latinx-owned and -designed brands, and I’m a really big fan of them. I literally live in their box tees close to 24/7. Even though it’s a boxy fit, it works really well on my petite frame for a cool oversize look. I think I have a solid ten of these tees in constant rotation. I wear them to sleep, to rehearsals, and just with my street-style outfits.

It’s funny; there was a moment in my life where you couldn’t get me on a treadmill to save my life. I never thought I’d be one of those girlies who’s like, “The gym saved me.” But now, I really, really enjoy fitness and the discipline that comes with it. Being on tour makes it hard, because obviously I can’t carry a gym with me in the bus. Resistance bands allow me to get a high-impact warm-up before all of my shows or on my days off without having to take up too much space. These are actually my trainer’s resistance bands. They’re a little more heavy-duty and have better grip than the rubber ones. Those are good for certain workouts, but I think these are better for the glute-focused activation workouts I do.

I wish I could explain what this scent is. It’s got this muskiness to it and reminds me of palo santo or burning sage. I use it when I’m feeling heavier in energy and want a cleansing experience. I know this sounds funny, but I’m such an empath. When I’ve been around a lot of people and absorbing their energy, I don’t want to go into my home carrying that with me. I’ll use this as a way to reset my space.

I added an ice machine to my house about a year ago. It was a literal Christmas gift to myself. Fancy ice makes everything taste better. I use it in my Athletic Greens for post-workout because it helps mix up the formula better and in mixed drinks. It definitely enhances the taste of tequila. Sometimes I’ll even have a proper wineglass of fancy ice and water.

I am a bubbles fan. Whether I’m making a ranch water — that’s sparkling mineral water, tequila, and fresh lime juice — or just having a drink with a meal, I want it to be this. I always try to find the strongest bubbles, and that usually ends up being Topo Chico.

Tajín goes great with everything. I have this on my rider. When I make ranch waters, I dust a bit of this on it to give it a kick. It’s super-yummy. I put it on the most random things, like carrots with a little bit of lemon.

Patrón Silver specifically has been my go-to for years. It’s balanced, refreshing, and it’s free of additives, like artificial flavoring and extra sugars. (As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much that stuff actually matters.) It’s simple, to the point, and really yummy. It’s great for a nightcap when I need to relax and unwind or even family time, since we’re usually throwing a barbecue.

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What Becky G Can’t Live Without