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The 6 Very Best Home-Security Cameras

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From porch pirates stealing your home deliveries to just feeling safe in an increasingly weird world, it’s becoming more and more common to install home-security cameras in and around your property. And thanks to faster internet access and the rapidly dropping costs of cameras, buying these devices is easier and cheaper than ever. But buying home-security devices online can be fraught. Do you want a high-resolution camera with near-perfect fidelity, or will just plain HD do? Is it for a house-wide network, or just a camera to monitor the car in your driveway? Whatever you choose, make sure you’re following regulations within your chosen state or country: Anything that faces out from your property could become a privacy concern for passersby. “Regulations around cameras vary across the world,” says James Bore, of security company Bores Group. Bores also says it’s important to consider privacy concerns when installing cameras on the outside walls of your home, for example, in case they peer into other people’s property.
I spoke to home-security consultants, and tech experts to find out the best options for all kinds of homes, which include systems that work in the dark and those that can live stream footage to your phone.

What we’re looking for.


It might sound strange to say that security is a concern when talking about home-security cameras, but by this I mean internet security. Many home-security camera systems will back up or live stream footage to the cloud — so you can access it through an app live, or view content later on. But that comes with risks. “Any internet-connected camera could theoretically be accessed by someone unauthorized, and so you should follow all security best practices in configuring any connected cameras as well as making sure they are up to date on software,” says Bores. So, I’ve prioritized systems that regularly update their software, patching vulnerabilities, and offer enhanced security such as two-factor authentication.

Video quality

Capturing images on home-security cameras is only half the battle: being able to decipher them is equally tricky. That makes the resolution of any images recorded by your home-security cameras important. Tech developments and reductions in cost mean the baseline for most affordable cameras is now HD footage, but you may want to get cameras equipped with 2K and 4K functionality for crystal clear images. Night vision and AI technology can enhance footage in poor lighting, too, and is increasingly standard in higher-end models. As such, I’ve highlighted models that offer clarity of footage, and mentioned throughout where they can be used in the dark.


Cloud storage for any footage captured by your cameras is easier than worrying about managing a hard drive — but often comes at a cost in the form of a recurring subscription to a service provider favored by the camera manufacturer. A hard drive can fail or get full. Some, like the eufy camera listed below, combine both, storing initially on a hard drive then backing up to the cloud.

Best overall home-security camera

Cloud storage / Resolution: 1080p HD / Fee: Optional (99c a day)

Feeling secure without being overwhelmed by technical details or a laborious setup process is key to a good home-security system. If something is too tricky to install and use day to day, you’re less likely to use it. Which is why the SimpliSafe is my pick for the best overall. Three of our experts agree. Graphic artist Geoff McFetridge bought the SimpliSafe after his studio was broken into. “You don’t have to wire it — you can install it yourself, and it takes a half hour to install the entire system. And it beeps if anything gets triggered,” he says. James Bore also raves about the SimpliSafe, calling it “my best recommendation if you’re operating on a normal household budget.” Lauren Ro, writer at the Strategist, is also a fan of the SimpliSafe. “We wanted a security system for our home that was easy to install, flexible, and not very complicated, and Simplisafe fit the bill,” Ro says. “It was also one of the more affordable systems on the market and completely DIY if you want it to be. Everything besides the base and cameras, which require an outlet, uses batteries, and all you do is stick the components onto the walls, windows, and doors,” she says. Ro has had it for four years, and likes that unlike other systems, you aren’t locked into paying a monthly fee — though she spends $28 a month on an optional 24/7 security monitoring fee for assurance. “Simplisafe is great for those who don’t want to be locked into an expensive plan and who want to be able to create a bundle that works for their specific needs,” she says.

Best (less expensive) security camera


Cloud storage / Resolution: 1080p HD / Fee: Optional ($3.99 a month)

You probably already know someone with an Amazon Ring. As a home security camera it’s cheap and effective — as you’d expect for a company the scale of Amazon. There are a range of options in the Ring ecosystem. The cheapest is the Ring Stick Up Cam, which usually costs less than $100, while the most expensive is the Ring Floodlight Cam Pro Plug-In, which retails at around $269. The Ring Spotlight Cam sits nearer the top end, but balances affordability with functionality. The Ring Spotlight comes with a motion-activated LED spotlight that lights up any intruders, and can be set with customizable motion zones, so you’re only alerted when movement happens in areas of concern. A built-in speaker and microphone system means you can not only hear what’s happening in front of your camera, but whoever’s in front of your camera can hear you. Controlled by a functional and well-designed app, the Amazon Ring is often heavily discounted on Amazon shopping holidays (like Prime Day) – if you’re looking for a bargain.

Best hi-res security camera


Cloud storage / Resolution: 4K HDR / Fee: Optional (from $4.99 a month)

Arlo are one of the best tried and trusted manufacturers of security cameras (they’re used by more than two million paying subscribers), and have a variety of models at different price points. The Ultra 2 is their flagship range — with a price point to match. But for the cost, you get a lot: 4K vision with HDR, an ultra-wide viewing angle, and color night vision come as standard. “I do like Arlo,” says Christopher Hamer, a YouTuber who runs the channel Hamer Reviews. Hamer has eight of their cameras around his home, and likes the utility of them. “The downside is ridiculous subscription costs and very high hardware costs,” he says. “But it’s difficult to find better solutions in my opinion.”

Best wired home-security camera


Cloud storage / Resolution: 1080p HD / Fee: Optional (from $3.99 a month)

If you live somewhere remote, or with patchy internet connection, consider a wired option. “Sometimes a wired security camera is a safer bet than a wireless one, especially if your home is prone to signal dropouts,” says Alison Peckham, security expert at Myjobquote. “These can be a bit trickier to install but the EZVIZ C3N is one of the easier options”, she explained. “It uses Ethernet networking but if you want to stick with a Wi-Fi connection, it has external antennas to boost the signal.” Ethernet networking means that there are physical wires connecting the device to the internet, rather than Wi-Fi. Peckham likes the EZVIZ because the camera has a swivel head, so you can fix it to walls or ceilings and get full coverage around a room, while it has an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning it can be used outside. “This smart camera’s not short on features either, including three night vision modes and AI people detection,” she adds.

Best solar-powered security camera

Cloud storage / Resolution: 4K HDR / Fee: Optional (from $2.99 per camera a month)

You need your cameras to be on all the time, and a power failure at a crucial moment can mean you’re unsecured — or lacking evidence if the worst were to happen. The eufyCam S330’s solar powered system, enabled by small panels atop each camera, means you never need to worry about switching out batteries. The eufyCam is a popular choice, with hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. People like its 4K fidelity, and the features it has that are often only available on higher priced models, such as night vision, two-day audio, and an LED spotlight, but there are qualms about how effective the motion security is. One thing that separates the eufyCam from some competitors is its BionicMind AI system, which recognizes the faces of those passing in front of it and starts recording if it’s somebody from outside your household.

Best security-camera bundle

Cloud storage / Resolution: 1080p HD / Fee: Optional (from $3 a month)

Jordan McMahon, writer at the Strategist, tested Blink’s home bundle and was impressed with its simplicity. “For every component (doorbell, indoor camera, and outdoor camera) that I tested, setup was as easy as logging into the app, scanning a few QR codes, and putting the equipment in place”, he says. It was easy to check in on the cameras too, using the live feed — “and even take still images if you need to take a closer look at something,” he says. Though the Bundle is well-priced at $300, you will sacrifice a little in terms of image quality. “It’s good enough to know what you’re looking at, but you might miss out on a few details here and there,” says McMahon. And renters beware: The Blink relies on screws to be mounted into place. “You’ll have to patch up the holes these gadgets leave behind when your lease is up,” he adds.

Our experts

• James Bore, director of security company Bores Group
• Christopher Hamer, a YouTuber who runs the channel Hamer Reviews
• Geoff McFetridge, graphic artist
• Jordan McMahon, writer at the Strategist
• Alison Peckham, Security Expert at Myjobquote
• Lauren Ro, writer at the Strategist

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The 6 Very Best Home-Security Cameras