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A Gift for Every Type of Boyfriend (at Every Price Point)

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If you need a little assistance discovering that special something for your special someone, I’ve put together this list of thoughtful gifts at a variety of prices. To compile it, I scanned our story archives for the unusual, useful, and occasionally splurgy items — the stuff your boyfriend wouldn’t normally buy himself — rounded up all the surefire hits, and included some picks of my own. And to make it even more convenient for you, all of the items on this list are available on Amazon. Whether your boyfriend is a coffee snob, a bookworm, an aspiring grill master, or a guy who likes to golf, there’s a gift that will satisfy his specific hobby or obsession. I even have a few options for the guy you’ve recently started dating and don’t know much about yet. Everything is organized by price, so you’re bound to discover a gift for your boyfriend that he’ll find delightful, no matter how many dates you’ve been on.

Under $25

For the boyfriend who’s serious about his Delta status

This “game-changing” eye mask should help him relax by drowning out the plane noise with its built-in Bluetooth speakers — and leave him feeling refreshed and recharged upon arrival.

For the boyfriend who actually reads Sally Rooney

‘The Passenger: Ireland’

This series of travel guides covers all the best local literature, art, and photography of his destination.

For the boyfriend who’s the letter-writing type


This Strategist-favorite fountain pen will add an extra touch of refinement to his stationery (or allow him to sign his name like AOC or André Aciman) and has just the right amount of heft to feel satisfying to write with.

For the boyfriend who’s getting into rock climbing

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

Now he can re-create the one gym route he won’t stop talking about — on the fridge.

For the boyfriend who gets hangry

These celebrity-approved beef sticks aren’t just great snacks — they also come in handy during food emergencies. Now he won’t have a hunger-related meltdown ever again.

For the boyfriend who writes feverishly

If he finds the paper in his Moleskine notebooks too thin, this notebook — which is available with dotted, squared, and ruled lines or plain — will do the trick. It also has a table of contents and each page is numbered, so he’ll never lose track of his ideas.

For the boyfriend who craves competition

Get him a card game that, as Strategist writer Erin Schwartz says, “can get downright Machiavellian.”

For the boyfriend with holes in his socks

These socks offer just the right amount of stretch for equal comfort in a Chelsea boot or a trail-running shoe. Plus, their wool construction naturally cuts down on odor.

For the boyfriend who wants to perfect his grilled cheese

This simple kitchen gadget will not only level up his sandwich game by weighing each one down for full-on toastiness, it’s also great for evenly cooking meats and veggies.

Under $50

For the boyfriend who sips coffee on his commute

This travel mug is my favorite because it has a double-lid system that prevents any dripping or leaks, and it keeps my coffee hot for hours.

For the boyfriend who prefers to make his coffee at home

With these clear, double-walled glass mugs, his morning cup of joe can finally look like it does in commercials.

For the boyfriend with “creative director” ambitions

In this inspiring collection of essays, legendary record producer Rick Rubin intersperses poetic meditations on creativity with more practical advice on how to approach the creative process.

For the boyfriend who’s always looking for his keys (and wallet and headphones)

This leather valet tray will encourage him to organize his desk — or at least keep the mess a bit more contained.

For the boyfriend with chronically cold hands

Not too light, not too thick, these touchscreen gloves will keep his hands toasty all winter.

For the boyfriend who’s always tap-tap-tapping away on his phone

This Bluetooth keyboard will help him scratch that I-need-to-send-just-one-email itch and give his thumbs a break.

For the boyfriend who likes to camp

This inflatable solar-powered lantern emits warm, ambient light.

For the boyfriend who’s an actual prepper

When he needs to make a fire — whether that’s during the apocalypse or at the state-park campsite — he’ll be ready with this knife.

For the DIY boyfriend

The ideal starter kit for the guy who wants to build more than Ikea furniture (though it would be good to have on hand for that as well).

For the boyfriend who just realized he has dry skin

This moisturizer is lightweight, vegan, not too perfumy — and doesn’t leave a heavy residue.

Under $100

For the boyfriend looking to improve his short game

This collapsible net makes practicing chip shots more like a fun Skee-Ball-like game.

For the boyfriend who keeps complaining about his dull knives

Global Classic Chef’s Knife
From $78
From $78

Thanks to its sharpness and maneuverability, this one is our top chef’s knife recommendation.

For the boyfriend who is always finishing a level on Candy Crush


This unobtrusive and Strategist-approved attachment turns his phone into a portable console.

For the boyfriend who hates flossing (but hates the dentist more)


We like this water flosser for smaller bathrooms because it’s cordless and doesn’t take up much space on the bathroom-sink counter or medicine cabinet.

For the boyfriend who’s always wanted to grill on the patio

This compact yakitori grill is great for tight spaces and holds heat very well — perfect for kebabs or a few steaks.

For the hygge-loving boyfriend

Give him a buttery-soft cashmere sweater, like this one from Naadam.

For the boyfriend who has tennis elbow (or types all day)

Just a few minutes spent gripping this orange-size gyroscope is a simple way to get a forearm workout from the desk — or help prevent arm-related injuries.

For the boyfriend who wants to perfect Grandma’s recipe

He’ll appreciate this “pasta-artist”-approved hand-crank pasta-maker from Marcato Atlas, an Italian company that has been making pasta machines for nearly 100 years.

For the boyfriend who loves his Weber

Consider this brush an upgrade to his old set of grimy grill brushes — this one can scrub and steam.

Under $200

For the boyfriend trying to break his phone addiction

The Loftie is more than an alarm clock — it’s like a calming bedside companion with a speaker and a soft nightlight that will encourage him to keep his phone (and phone alarm) away from the nightstand.

For the outdoor-gearhead boyfriend

The Gobox is fully submersible and will withstand scratches and dings if he decides to fill it with fishing gear and throw it in the back of his trunk.

For the guy who wants to smell like something new


This cologne from Tom Ford has a woody scent with notes of leather, violet, and jasmine.

For the boyfriend who keeps raving about the hotel toilet

This bidet from Tushy is easy to install and use, and will change his bathroom routine for the better.

For the boyfriend who hates mornings

The solution might be swapping his phone alarm for a gentle wake-up light like this one.

For the boyfriend who can’t fit that extra hardcover in his carry-on bag

When it comes to e-readers, the Paperwhite is the gold standard.

For the boyfriend who prefers his sandwiches hot

For the boyfriend who just discovered pour-over coffee

For the boyfriend with (literal) cold feet

From $113

Slippers might seem a little obvious, but any boyfriend would be happy to receive this timeless wool pair that will double as “picking up the mail” or “walking the dog” clogs in a pinch.

For the anxious boyfriend who runs cold all over

This blanket is very breathable and actually sort of chic.

For the boyfriend who always brings the party wherever he goes

Here’s a musician-recommended speaker that’s “portable but still loud enough to make the neighbors jealous of your sick-ass barbecue.”

For the boyfriend who prefers an outdoor La-Z-Boy chair

I’ve tested dozens of camp chairs in the past decade, and this two-seater is the most comfortable one I’ve tried.

Over $200

For the boyfriend who just wants a jacket to throw on

This fleece-lined jacket with a waxed coating is a cozy staple that he’ll reach for any time the weather dips below 50 degrees.

For the boyfriend who loves to tailgate

He’ll keep the party going with this 33-liter cooler that can hold up to 28 cans — with ice (that will stay frozen for days on end).

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A Gift for Every Type of Boyfriend (at Every Price Point)