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The Bad Date Puzzle

13-Across, Nine Letters: 2023 movie based on a viral 2017 short story.
weekly crossword

The New York Crossword: ‘Extended Play’

75-Across: Hyphenated drink.
vulture 10x10

The Robot Puzzle

17-Across, Four Letters: First word of “___ Rain on My Parade.”
  1. vulture 10x10
    The Uninhibited Puzzle11-Across, Three Letters: What Salt-N-Pepa would like to talk about.
  2. vulture 10x10
    The Pishach Puzzle18-Across, Six Letters: Solange, to Beyoncé.
  3. vulture 10x10
    The Dad Rock Puzzle17-Across, Six Letters: Quit making more seasons of.
  4. weekly crossword
    The New York Crossword: ‘Big in Japan’64-Down: Martini-glass swimmer.
  5. vulture 10x10
    The Imagination Puzzle23-Across, Three Letters: Manuel of America’s Next Top Model.
  6. vulture 10x10
    The Gerry Puzzle7-Down, Six Letters: “Nature’s pocket,” per an episode of Broad City.
  7. vulture 10x10
    The Gambling Puzzle26-Across, Ten Letters: #AsianBae taking off his shirt in Joy Ride, e.g.
  8. vulture 10x10
    The Wake-Up Puzzle11-Across, Five Letters: Chain with a much-hated pre-movie promo.
  9. vulture 10x10
    The Big Beat Puzzle9-Across, Three Letters: Noted nepo baby Phillippe.
  10. weekly crossword
    The New York Crossword: ‘Shirt Happens’40-Across: Their keys don’t turn.
  11. vulture 10x10
    The Robin Hood Puzzle5-Down, Five Letters: Taylor Swift song allegedly about Harry.
  12. vulture 10x10
    The Underworld Puzzle1-Across, Ten Letters: The Continental in the John Wick universe, e.g.
  13. vulture 10x10
    The White Teeth Puzzle20-Across, Ten Letters: Brit author of Swing Time and NW.
  14. vulture 10x10
    The Electro Puzzle24-Across, Three Letters: “Yes” on Our Flag Means Death.
  15. vulture 10x10
    The Universe Puzzle7-Down, Six Letters: Fans that may have shipped Puckleberry or Klaine.
  16. weekly crossword
    The New York Crossword: ‘Three of a Kind’103-Across: Place on a pedestal.
  17. vulture 10x10
    The Sleuth Puzzle7-Down, Three Letters: Pronoun often used by Miss Piggy.
  18. vulture 10x10
    The Raspy Puzzle22-Across, Three Letters: Musical role for Blanchett.
  19. vulture 10x10
    The Editorial Puzzle11-Down, Four Letters: Bambi or the Great Prince, for example.
  20. vulture 10x10
    The Catholic Puzzle19-Across, Four Letters: Word on an Andrew Yang supporter’s hat.
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