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27 Gifts for Every Type of Grandparent

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Finding the right gift for a grandparent can be as tricky as shopping for anyone else on your list. After speaking to dozens of folks for our senior survey and other gift guides for grandmothers and grandfathers, I’ve learned that even if they insist the best gift is more time spent together, a thoughtful present is still a meaningful way to show you care.

To help you find the right gift for your grandparent (be it a ma, pa, or both) I went through the Strategist’s archives to find the best presents for every type of grandparent we could think of. There’s something for the gourmand, the gardener, and even the grandparent as obsessed with their pets as they are with their grandkids. And if you have a specific budget in mind, you can skip ahead to your ideal price point by clicking the table of contents above.

Under $25

For the grandparent who sends thank you notes

This “paper time capsule” includes conversational prompts for grandparents and grandchildren to fill out now and look back on in the years to come.

For the grandparent who attends every recital

With this picture frame-slash-storage, grandparents can display (hoard) up to 50 pieces of finger-painted art.

For the grandparent who does the crossword in pen

If Monday and Tuesday puzzles are a breeze for them, they’ll enjoy this book of extra-challenging Saturday crosswords from the New York Times.

For the grandparent whose cocktail hour always includes bar snacks

Gift them a discreet snack attack: Perfect for pistachios, these nifty bowls come with an attached piece to the hide shells.

For the grandparent who pilfers hotel soaps

Elevate their next at-home spa soak with this “therapeutic” bath oil recommended to us by Lou Diamond Phillips. It’s made by a priest-cum-holistic doctor and will turn the bath into a restorative oasis.

For the grandparent who’s a cat parent

This insulated mat uses their feline friend’s own body heat to keep it toasty all winter long.

For the grandparent who’s a dog parent

From $23

If they’re dog people, this plush puzzle tires out active puppies.

For the grandparent who ranks the sweets in his candy bowl

This elevated marzipan fruit doubles as both delightful nibbles and decorative display.

For the grandparent whose Saturdays include a deli run

These fancy Spanish pickled peppers are tasty enough to eat straight out of the jar. They add lots of flavor and a little heat when chopped up and sprinkled on sandwiches, salads, and pizzas.

Under $50

For the grandparent who’s given up coffee but not caffeine

Photo: retailer

This infuser is stylish enough to leave out on the counter.

For the grandparent who never stopped listening to vinyl

They’ll appreciate that special something that comes with dialing up on a landline. Plus the littlest grandkids will get a kick out of a ’70s relic.

For the grandparent who reads at arm’s length

If their readers are smudgy, they won’t use them. This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner gets them squeaky clean in minutes.

Under $100

For the grandparent who can’t reach that knot in their shoulders

Operating this shoulder massager is as easy as putting on a shawl. “The massaging knobs genuinely feel like hands, kneading aching muscles and working out sore spots,” former senior Strategist writer Karen Iorio Adelson says.

For the grandparent who’s a plant parent

Made with a steel blade and white oak handles, these shears by Okatsune are a practical and handsome gift if they like keeping their hedges pristine.

For the grandparent who Saturdays include the farmers market

AeroGarden Sprout

AeroGarden’s unfussy Sprout is compact, comes apart for easy cleaning, and has options to grow herbs, cherry tomatoes, or salad greens.

For the grandparent who never misses their morning stroll

Should your grandparent be looking for comfy shoes they can wear inside and out, Merrell’s slip-ons are snug (but not too snug) and notoriously comfortable.

For the grandparent who joined the Delta SkyMiles revolt

With this supportive “padded scarf,” they won’t wake up with a sore neck after in-flight naps.

Under $200

For the grandparent who pre-ordered Stephen King’s Holly

Kindle’s adjustable text size and no-glare screen make reading on a screen a pleasant experience. Go with the Paperwhite because its larger screen is even easier to read, and it’s still small enough to bring on the go.

For the grandparent whose phone background is always a school picture

From $153

They’ll love this easy-to-setup digital picture frame, which lets grandparents see a rotating selection of photos. Plus, multiple people can upload through its cloud storage, so the whole family can share their latest pictures.

For the grandparent who’s vocal about coffee becoming too complicated

This coffee maker has the dual appeal of being just as simple to use as their beloved Mr. Coffee and coming highly recommended by coffee snobs.

For the grandparent who hikes


If their feet could use some TLC, Miko’s Shiatsu foot massager is equipped with five pressure settings, heat, and two wireless remotes that make adjusting their massage even more seamless.

For the grandparent who’s always reaching for a sweater

You can’t go wrong with UGG’s cozy shearling-lined slippers for padding around the house. Both the slides and moccasins are non-slip, surprisingly stylish, and supportive enough for grabbing the mail.

Over $200

For the grandparent on a smoothie kick

Even if they’re attached to their ten-year-old blender, health-oriented grandparents will be over the moon for this Vitamix. The self-cleaning blender (good for soups, smoothies, ice creams, and more) is sure to become their most-used appliance.

For the grandparent whose house looks like no one lives there

Lighten their cleaning load with this fuss-free robot vacuum. It uses smart mapping that allows it to tackle large spaces in a series of smaller zones, and can take itself back to the charging station when it’s low on battery, recharge, then resume where it left off.

For the grandparent who’s serious about their workouts

If they’re all about hitting their step count, they’ll appreciate an Apple Watch because it monitors the wearer’s heart rate and steps per day — in addition to keeping track of birthdays, emails, and incoming calls.

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27 Gifts for Every Type of Grandparent